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Astiak Home Appliances

Astiak industrial and production group started its activity in the field of home appliance production in 2016 with the aim of producing two products: a flat gas stove and a diagonal kitchen hood. Using the most advanced and modern production machines and tools, this collection was able to add kitchen oven products, hidden hoods, and mini ovens (toaster ovens) to its products in a short period of time. All Astiak products are produced and supplied under the continuous and strict supervision of quality control unit experts and in accordance with national and international standards. In the production of this company’s products, the best and highest quality parts are used. In compliance with international standards, the products of Astiak industrial and production group are exported to neighboring countries in addition to our beloved country.


Gas stove can be considered the mother product of every kitchen. With the passage of time and changes in the architecture and layout of houses, the furnished gas stove has gradually given its place to the flat gas stove. Therefore, Astiak Company has focused on the production of plate gas stoves with high variety. The plate gas stoves of this company are produced in glass and steel models and in two types of rice cookers in the middle and side cookers. It should be noted that in the production of all Astiak brand gas stoves, parts with international standards are used.

Features of Astiak gas stoves:
• With an electric lighter
• With Time Top thermocouple
• Very easy to clean
• Use of the best steel plates available in the market
• Use of high resistant and unbreakable security glass
• A’s energy level

The smell of good food in the house and kitchen is one of the best moments of cooking. But sometimes this smell can be annoying and harm your health. As a result, without a doubt, every kitchen needs a hood. Astiak brand hoods are produced in two diagonal (wall) and hidden models in various models. In the hoods of this company, high power motors are used to have the best suction.

Features of Astiak hoods:
• Very high suction power
• Head and very low sound
• use of the best standard electronic parts
• use of fireproof plastic parts for greater safety
• possibility of choosing in different sizes
• with heat and smoke sensor

Astiak brand electric ovens are produced in two built-in models with a capacity of 72 liters and a tabletop mini oven (toaster oven) with a capacity of 45 liters. Working oven (wall and cabinet) is a device that is used with a closed door and in a temperature range between 50 and 300 degrees Celsius to cook tons of food.

Features of Astiak ovens:
• With an easy-to-clean glaze or Clean to Easy
• Use of first-class and standard parts
• Equipped with a defrosting system
• With a rotator motor
• With telescopic rails
• With 2 and 4-pane glass
• With thermal insulation made of ceramic fibers
• Equipped with convection fan (uniform temperature distribution)

Astiak sinks are made with the best materials.